Sunday, October 02, 2011

High and low

I think October is my favourite month so far. The weather is really fabulous, warm but not too hot. A great reward, when enduring a really slow settling process. It's great that school and kindergarden at least been checked off from the new life in Cyprus list. Otherwise most is about watching the rapid growth of our smallest active little boy, the daugthers progress with greek language and making sure middle kid typically isn't missing our attention. There's also been some large events in the family, both sad and happy, bringing the family together. A funeral, memorial and a large wedding. We've also enjoyed seeing some of my family and friends from Sweden here in Cyprus. But perhaps tomorrow there will be more progress in the settling process, don't you think?
the park
cactus tree
- Pictures above from Limassol Municipal Garden, first by daughter. That tree is a huge cactus, btw.
- Love this and this scarf collection by milleneufcentquatrevingquatre, via Design for Mankind.
- Great collages. via butdoesitfloat.

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