Monday, February 25, 2013

a lady

This sweetie is Ophrys flavomarginata. Met her scattered around Akrotiri area, a few here and there. She typically has green petals and sepals and it's upper (dorsal) sepal is bending over the flower.
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That web project I mentioned earlier, I'm busy with it now.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


While Ophrys orchids resembles of insects. The Anacamptis syriaca looks more like my preconceived idea of a common orchid. The first orchid we found on the island. It's also the kind we find in most abundande. This orchid is the most common orchid on Cyprus. Characterized by the noticeable veins on the hood shaped petals.
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A lot of orchids on my mind lately. And the season isn't over yet.


Another lovely orchid on Akrotiri. Ophrys fusca ssp iricolor, non-endemic to Cyprus. Flat shape and graphical dark-blue-purple pattern. Seems a tough one. Found some exposed to rough wind on a barren hilltop, while others where dwelling in shadows or places popular with other species.
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Every Ophrys is supposed to have it's own insect. It's tactic for survival is seducing that insect to pseudocopulation. Not only being insect looking, it releases a female pheromone to get pollinated.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Only in Cyprus

An expression used by Cypriots about Cypriot ways of doing things. Bit ironically. It isn't unusual however to see cars parked in weard places, signs with astonishing information, pickup trucks loaded oddly, and so on. Last year I saw a large television being thrown out of a car, while moving. Outside the fence of the neighbors backyard. As if it would disappear from there by itself. Sometimes it really is a useful expression for sure.

I am referring to something else here though. Orchids, these wonderful mystic vegetable creatures . Last weekend I finally discovered a bunch in the wild. At Akrotiri where we sometimes go for a walk or picnic. Some of them endemic, meaning they only exist in Cyprus.

Say hello to this Cypriot exclusive orchid: Ophrys argolica ssp elegans, or Argolian bee-orchid.
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There will be more orchids in the following posts, new acquaintances with lovely characters.

Monday, February 11, 2013

fabling about

Mostly we're the only people when hanging around west coast of Akrotiri peninsula. If we spot someone it's a man fishing or jogging along the shore. Otherwise it's just we and the marvellous nature, and all random stuff that floats up on land. Sometimes these things are the spark for storytelling as we wander about. About ancient civilisations, shipwrecks and pirates. Though when sun drops into the sea it's time to head home again, back to modern civilisation. 
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The job I told you about is a web project, and I will be writing a really good proposal this week.

Friday, February 08, 2013

another cardigan and a sea in sunset

Finally assembled the pieces of a cardigan I knit ages ago. Bit 60s chic and very warm mohair (about the project here, on Ravelry). Well needed on the cardigan stack. A girl can't have too many cardigans, right?
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled I'm job hunting and going on an interview tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Monday, February 04, 2013

fresh air

Mind your lungs when living on Cyprus. There's something about the island's climate which makes it easier to catch the pneumonia. The best cure besides precious antibiotics and chest physiotherapy is beyond doubt fresh air. Best enjoyed walking and playing by the sea. We went to our favourite beach on Akrotiri peninsula a few times during little boys recovery recently. Along the trips we took time to admire the seasonal flowers.

Wooly shawls comes really handy this season. The one I'm wearing below is probably my most useful so far. Definitely worth every cent for the yarn as well as all hours of knitting it. For more project details read here (on Ravelry). This version is made in three nuances of beige.
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I'm planning on making a series of interviews with fascinating folks here on Cyprus. Stay tuned for that.

All the Wineries of Cyprus

Since our move to Cyprus I've started to learn more about Cypriot wines. Must say I'm surprised, bewitched and curious for more. It was in this process that I put together a web site with all Cyprus Wineries on one map. Besides the listed database of Wineries for each one there is a collection of most important online information. Users can also grade and review the wineries and their wines. I'll definitely be using Wineries Cyprus and hope you will have a lot of fun through it too.

So for your next visit to Cyprus make sure you have bookmarked Maybe our roads will cross on our wine tasting tours here, or we'll be doing it together.

Stin ygia mas! / To our good health!

Saturday, February 02, 2013


We experienced some snow a few weeks ago. On Mount Olympus on the highest altitude in Cyprus. Honestly I didn't enjoy it much. While kids where having a lot of fun despite the brisk wind. Back home in Limassol we enjoyed Swedish mocha squares with well needed hot drinks.
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Kids fabulous private Greek teacher is truly an invaluable support. Knitted her a scarf for Christmas (more about it here, on Ravelry). There is much gratitude in every stitch.

Some glimps of Nordic beauty (and enchantingly captured trips in Europe) at Finnish blog VIA.