Friday, June 10, 2011

Siga siga

My arms are crab red after the first day with sleeveless plus a spontaneous lunch at the seaside. There's a lot to sort these days. Between every day life in Sweden and every day life in Cyprus, it's comforting to get a first delivery of the softest yarn, a cashmere/silk mix in tea leaves colour smelling awesome.

And as a bonus we finally know how to get to our local parcel post office. A few days earlier the adorable supermarket owner had dechiffered the vague stamp on the parcels delivery slip, all in Greek, which appeared to indicate the address.

And the following day a gentleman helped us so kindly when we where lost to find the exact location of the office. He drove before us showing the way to the office, which appeared to have closed for the day.

It is this kind of hard gained knowledge that slowly helps us getting closer. Closer to everyday life in Cyprus.
Another day between some errands we jumped into an art equipment shop. I got some soft pastels which I've been anxious to try out for some while.

While the after sun lotion was soaking into my grilled arms this afternoon, I got the chance to fiddle a little with my crayons while eating half a dozen of tasty figs from the local supermarket.
Lamps I like.
The sketchbook I need.
Chewy lemon cookies
(or these) I want to make.