Saturday, July 06, 2013

another day at the beach

East of Limassol city we sometimes meet up with friends at a cozy beach bar where kids can play by the sea. It's in an area referred to as Nautikos where youngsters practice sailing. So did our first Olympic medallist by the way. We thought this area was on Dasoudi beach until that day when we ended up on Nautikos while our friends in Dasoudi. Dasoudi being bit further east. This day any party was too lazy to move.

The waters at Nautikos are bit muddy unfortunately, probably from lack of cleaning in the warm and still(er) waters inside the built beach barriers. Afterwards we heard one of our friends at Dasoudi was stung by a Weever fish buried in the sand. Not dangerous, but painful and definitely swollen. Huh!

lava pebble beach in sunset

The pebble beache at the root of west Akrotiri peninsula is probably the best spot in Limassol for admiring sun go down in the Sea. Walking barefoot here is sort of good for both feet and back.
The grey-black stones that dominates are Troodos Ophiolite, so called igneous rock that formed through cooling and solidification of magma or lava.
The pebbles and cobbles have been transported along Kouris river for millions of years. Just being here feeling the lava stones under the feet gives a little perspective to things.