Thursday, September 01, 2005


When browsing through the designs in Teva Durhams book Loop-d-Loop I found loads of favourites of which I present the ones I love the most:

Something cozy for the neck and shoulders.

A handy bag which is supposed to be carried around the shoulder.

A vest with a royal touch...

Bolero in an unusual way.

Very elegant and useful !!

Smart knitted lacy blouse.

Beautiful cables and shape, something I'd definitelly think of doing!

Sooo funky but way too difficult for me, I hate knitting with differrent colours...

Hooded poncho in gnome style.

I like Teva Durhams assymetric designs.

A fancy knitted handbag in Paisley pattern.
This bag could seriously make me reconsider knitting in more colours than one.