Monday, October 03, 2011

Discovering our city

When exploring Limassol city center by foot we discover new things every time. A cozy café, old mudbrick houses, inspiring handicraft boutiques, a field (yes, a field), historical monuments, rough corrugated steele garages with tyres piled up in the sun, magnificent abandoned decayed houses, to mention some. 

A lot of construction work is currently going on in the area. Probably well needed. I assume the city being so vivid and beautiful located by the sea it's also preparing for European Captial of Culture 2017. 

Wandering the other day we discovered the Limassol Municipal Market hall with the adjacent Saripolou Square, a great outdoor plaza with several restaurants and cafés. Loved it, and already regulars at Petros café at the plaza.
inspiring mosaic art Cool guys Dry goods olives, olives Cyprus bananas Figs, I love figs. locelly produced veggies Nikis sweet's, right upper corner Snails in a tray
1. Inspiring mosaic art in a shop window near the market.
2. Cool guys munching grilled σαντουιτς with χαμ and halloumi. How I enjoy those anglo-greek words.
5, Cypriot sweet bananas.
6. I love figs!
7. Lots of locally produced veggies.
8. Oh look, my dear friend Niki's sweets.
9. Cypriots seems to love farming, picking and eating snails.

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