Friday, May 26, 2006

Our hood shaken by an earthquake!

Probably most people prefer blog entries introduced by tempting headlines before those with simply plain text. Still I've been resisting to use them as I've considered them superfluous, even glaring. Don't know why. However, through my daily blog reads I've learned to like them and understod that I need to have them too in order to make my blog more interesting. Though making them catchy doesn't seem to be easy. Another change I'm thinkting of is writing in Swedish instead of in English. It's fun with changes!

Back to the headline of this entry. Yes, it's true that an earthquake shook our neighbourhood. It was on Thursday early early in the morning that there was an earthquake, of size 2 on the Richter scale, with its epicenter about 500 meters from our home. The earthquake could be felt on a 5 km distance though either my husband or I felt it as we had just fallen a sleep very deeply. One good thing about living in Sweden is the rare occurence of nature cathastrophies so earthquakes aren't usual here, especielly not in the Stockholm area.

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