Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Easy second baby

I'm sweating and have a temperature of 39 degrees! I should lie in bed with my baby, relax and try to breast feed him as much as possible. I've caught a breast inflammation which is hurting a lot, but I'm too boored to stay in bed! I'm starting to understand the meaning of: "It's never the new baby who is the problem". Little brother Leo just eats, sleeps and poo-poo, besides this he needs some love in order to be completely happy. Big sister Anthea on the other hand needs so much more of everything. She's of course uncomfortable with the new situation so she needs much love, attention, patience and security. And then the parents, we need to get used to the new chaos we're thrown into and learn how to keep two small kids happy. It's good to use a large portion of humor in trying to cope with the new situation! But what would this situation look like if we wheren't still in love with each other...

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