Monday, April 03, 2006

Baby preparations

Puhh ... home again after some serious baby things shopping at Babyplanet in Kungsholmen. We decided to go for the Baby Planet Easy Drive Duo budget stroller (see post below) in black, it was the only colour in their stock. They hadn't actually ordered any other colours for this drive they told us - they know their Stockholm customers, he, he. We love how the stroller's spinning so easily around its front wheels while holding the handle with only one hand! We felt confident about our choise, not at least because four customers had previously bought the same model this grey Monday and that we got the final copy. Also this is the slimmest duo stroller on the market today, great when travelling a lot by for example bus! We also went for a Baby Björn Carrier Active in black/red. We've had one Baby Björn Carrier Original before but it's not as supportive for the back as this new model, so with this we'll be able to carry our baby for much longer. While we where in a shopping mood we checked out lamps for the kids room at a nearby shop, and put a reservation on a glass lamp, Belid Pikant, in olive colour.


AnnaA said...

Jösses.... Snart två små under 2 år! Hejaheja! Hoppas det blir lättare än vad jag inbillar mig. ;)
Kul att fröna gror! Mina har just kommit i jorden och det återstår att se vad det blir av det hela...
Det snöar! Bläää!
Ha en skön dag! :)

Elena said...

Jo, vi siktar på fullt kaos i ett halvår, sen kanske det börjar blir lite mindre kaos ... he, he. Fördelen kommer förhoppningsvis sen när de kan ha kul ihop, nästan jämngamla.