Monday, April 03, 2006

Spring signs

I managed to finish my little political science paper about EU:s external relations on time this Friday even though I didn't feel really well. On Saturday I was fully occupied as we arranged a birthday party at home for my husband. But on Sunday the whole family was in bed. We're all better off today, perhaps it was just some kind of stomache disorder light. This grey Monday it's hard to make oneself go out shopping stuff for our baby to come though we need to, as it's less than three weeks now before he might arrive. We'll make an effort to come out before lunch ... I'll let you know the result of our baby shopping tour when we're back home again, if we manage to get out!

Signs of spring:
This year we're growing tomatoes and violets, lobelia and dorothea flowers for our balcony and these small seeds have all started to sprout! They're streching their small necks towards the light - just like me, they need plenty of light!

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