Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Trolley strollying in Stockholm

Our first stroller was a traditional robust Emmaljunga - in baby transportation world Emmaljunga is what Volvo is in the car world! As first time parents we naturally wanted what we thought would be the best for our little miracle. Every thought of a fancy three wheel model was something we managed to surpress successfully.

As we strolled around the streets of Stockholm with our new black (this discrete low profile colour is Stockholmers absolute favourite) Emmaljunga we felt really mature and secure. Not that the strolley had been cheap - our daugther has a generous grandfather - but we considered us a bit wiser and down-to-earth than people with the flashy three weel strollers. Until something connecting the wheel broke the first time. We had it fixed but it happened a few more times besides some other annoying problems. Now we aren't as impressed about our stroller as we once where.

Besides our Emmaljunga we have a cheap light-weight easy travel stroller. It's a must-have especially when travelling by airplane as it's a complete suicide mission for strollers. I think I've heard that the airlines calculate that one out of ten strollers are damaged in the luggage handling and thus they adjust their insurances to this. But how fun is it dealing with these things after a beautiful vacation. So it's better having one that you don't really have to care about so much.

As if two strollers wheren't enough we now need a third one - a duo stroller! In one month we'll be a two-kids family and as both kids will be less than 1.5 years they'll both be needing to be transported around. This time we'll be considering also the fancier models in our stroller hunt. We're basically faced with two options - a budget or a luxury model! And the differences in price are quite impresseive. Here is a price example from a nearby shop which we've considered, it includes an extra carrycot for the baby to lie in:
8.695 Skr + 1.895 Skr = 10.590 Skr
3.495 Skr + 995 Skr = 4.490 Skr

The budget model is less than half price!! As there are more things in life than strolling around the streets with a luxury strolley, we think the decision should be easy! Let me add that the prices in the second hand market for the luxury models in Stockholm are really high, and the budget models are so cheap in the first place so second hand is not really an option for us.


Hanna said...

Mayby this could be sent by buss:

or you can find one like that in Sthlm

I like the green one, but uhg, how expensive! Congrats to the soon to be baby too!

Elena said...

Thanks, we really long to see him soon, now it's less than a month left, hopefully!!

Also thanks for the stroller tip, though we're really hesitant to buying second hand that we haven't seen live.