Monday, March 27, 2006

Un-social democratic health care?

Again this morning I read in one of the major morning papers in Sweden about the huge problems around medical care in relations with childbirth. This time it's about Inadequate intensive care in Stockholm. The last half year the intensive divisions have been full at Karolinska University Hospital (which my family is belonging to), there's been no margins and the child intensive division hasn't been an exception. Patients in need have been denied intensive care due to a lack of hospital places and died as a consequense of this.

So, last week many chiefs and intensive care doctors at Karolinska University Hostpital (read: whos had enough) has presented the situation when it comes to intensive care in a report to the hospital board; If the patients get any care at all, many have to leave the nursing ward ahead of planned time with worsened possibility of supervision during the most critical period. The same patients must be moved back to the intensive care division or transferred to other hospitals with riskful transportations as a result. Also intensive care operations are postponed. Reasons for the hospital place shortage has according to the same report been unusually many infants this year who've been affected by the RS-virus with need of intensive care respiration as well as personnel shortage.

To me these reasons are just symptoms of a collapsing national medical care! I have discussed reasons for this in a previous post, read about Swedish GBS infection handling. However, I think it's a paradox that the Swedish medical care is so catastrophic when it has been built and maintained by a s-o-c-i-a-l d-e-m-o-c-r-a-t-i-c regime? Shouldn't social democratic policy be about social security to all the nations citizens, with issues such as childbirth as a top priority? I'm still hestitant about how to vote in the national election this year but I know at least one party who'll most definitely not get a vote from me!

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