Saturday, March 25, 2006

Baby Boy Name Ponderings

It's not as we're panicing ... we still have plenty of time since there's up to three months after the baby's delivery to report a name to the Swedish Tax Autority (yes, these are the dudes handling our personal numbers, names etc besides tax issues). I don't know what people think when they repeatedly ask if we've found suitable names for the baby. I don't believe they expect us to have a long list still they seem to feel sorry for us when we say we have none. We realise it would be really comfortable to have made up ones mind about at least a few names before the baby's arrival, and that it'll probably not just "become clear as we see him". So we've tried really hard to come up with at least a couple of names but so far none has really felt evident. Most people seem to have come up with a few names on their baby name lists already from their chĂ­ldhood. We've no names like that. Instead we've gone through our family names on our Hungarian, Greek and Finnish sides and searched through Swedish name stastistics besides a wide range of other resources ! But as every name we consider need to be tested with questions such as: Will the name fit with the other names in our international family? Can it be used internationally? Do we loooove to use the name? Does the name reflect the baby's personality? and so on, most names have been abandoned. The few survivals are: Hugo, Marcus, Theodor and Leopold, but we're far from certain yet.

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