Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Getting ready

Now baby, you're really welcome to our family, any day you like! We've assembled the cradle, washed the baby clothes, bought a new strolley and so on. AND, now I've packed the bag I'll bring with me when it's time to go to the delivery using this Maternity Ward List:

  • Mother healt center journal and a peronal ID card
  • "How I wish to give birth list"; how I want to have alleviation of pain during the delivery,
    special monitoring of the baby during delivery etc.
  • 2-3 sets of baby clothes and possibly a blanket.
    Warm clothes and baby safety arrangements for home transportation
  • Comfortable clothes for me, including breast feeding bra, slippers and possibly a dressing gown
  • Toilet bag
  • Fruit, candy, energy drinks/coca cola, book, magazines.
  • Mobile, camera, movie camera and battery chargers.

Still "the health care chrisis" is out there, somehwere. I know, I know ... I shouldn't worry about the problems with being forwarded to another hospital when it's time. But, it's difficult to avoid the facts! The newspapers constantly writes about the healt care chrisis when it comes to for example the limited amount of maternity ward rooms. Especially spring time according to my midwife... but what does it help me now?

And oh yes, there is really nothing I can do about it through worrying and actually I don't too much. But, I can't help but feeling a bit ironic about my situation when I for example read today, again, in one of our local Kungsholmens news papers about: the hospitals, among which my hospital was mentioned, who's sending out an alarm - they mean that the current situation involve jeaopardizing the mothers and childrens saftey! They say that in May there'll be 140 more mothers who will give birth than planned. Already in March 92 to-become-mothers where turned down (and assumingly forwarded somewhere else) from Karolinska (where I belong). E he he, what can one say? Always look on the bright side of life ... ta, dam, ta, dam, da, dam, da dam... perhaps?!


Hanna said...

Try not to worry, as you say, it'll work out in mysterious way. Just rest and listen to comforting music, eat lots of easter candy. I was born during Easter thirty years ago. It's a great time being born to!

AnnaA said...

Jadu... väntan kan vara oliiiidlig! ;) Håller tummen för att det går som smort med plats på förlossningen och allt annat praktiskt, så att du kan koncentrera allt på att få uuuut bebben!
Lycka till och kramkram!

Elena said...

Thanks Hanna for your support, I really appreciate it! Yeah, it would be nice with an Easter Baby!

Tack Anna för ditt stöd - det behöver jag verkligen!! Ska fokusera min energi på en bra förlossning! Tillbakakram!