Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Eating and breathing

The web magazine Knitty's Spring issue was published today stuffed with free knitting patterns! I liked specially the mens pullover Jamesey and the scarf/necklace Nagano sacura, but I would likely not knit any of these, at least not in the nearest future.

I love all kinds of pirogues and tonight I tried to make Chilean Pirogues, Pitingas Empanadas, for the first time. They where each stuffed with minced lamb mix containing onions, red chili pepper etc, one olive, one wedge of a hard boiled egg and a few raisins, according to a recipe in Kärlek, oliver och timjan (Love, olives and thyme) by Anna Bergenström. I baked and served the ugliest ones tonight and freezed the rest unbaked, also according to the recipe. I've tried them before at different occasions, once at a Chilean familys place, and they turned out to be as good as I remembered them!!

Anna Wilsby writes about her popular propfylaxis method "Anna's prophylaxis" in the book Innan du föder (Before you give birth). Lately my husband has read loud to me from it almost every night. It is really fruitful reading and we feel much more comfortable in front of this delivery to come! It goes through mental goal focusing, relaxation, breathing, how the partner can coach through the delivery etc. I can warmly recommend this book!

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