Thursday, April 13, 2006

Knitting teacher

I wasn't slow to bite the bait when I was contacted by Folkuniversitetet last week regarding teaching English speaking beginners in knitting this autumn! I'm honestly not a proffessional teacher or knitter, but I truly enjoy supervising besides practicing my English which I had the opportynity to use more frequently when I was doing some IT consulting in UK and France a few years ago. And of course I enjoy knitting a lot. Already in the mid 80s I was hit the first time by knitting euphoria, I was knitting practicly every possible minute of my day including short breaks between school lessons. And ever since I've had more or less intensive periods of knitting and have tried everything from simple sweaters to more advanced lace and cable patterns. So, yesterday I met the people at Folkuniversitetet and we discussed the practicalities and agreed that I'll be holding a course in "How to knit a simple mohair shawl", assuming there will be enough interested participants, once a week over a three week period. The salary isn't high but it really doesn't matter as it's going to be more of a fun thing for me!

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