Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A dwarf hippopotamus in Cyprus

Far back in Cyprus there where pygmy hippopotamus and pygmy elephants, which today are extinct. At the edge of Akrotiri peninsula is a rock shelter, Aetokremnos, where skeletons of pygmy hippopotamus, as well as a few pygmy elephants, have been found. It is tickling to think about it sometimes, as we like to hang out so "close" to this excavation area.
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So when we heard about this event in Nicosia exhibiting a full skeleton of such a pygmy hippopotamos (first picture), the so called Cyprus dwarf Hippopotamus, we didn't want to miss it. A Cypriot private collector had gotten hold of this rare piece and kindly wanted the public to enjoy it freely this day, together with a full dinosaur skeleton, a T-rex head and much more. Kids could do some own "excavations" too.

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