Saturday, September 01, 2012

linen is great, and I've knit a top with it

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Kids schools will be starting in a weeks time which we're busy getting ready for. There's finally emerged a little chill in the evening breeze, while it's still above 30 degrees mid day and we keep using the air condition.

As far as I can remember I've admired the look of linen fabric. The texture of creased linen fabric, how it drapes, the natural scent and the durability of it. Besides silk, I think linen is my favourite textile. There's nothing like airy garments, elegant curtains and pillows, beautiful accessories, crispy towels and crunchy bed linens made in linen.

Made this comfy linen top (more project notes here) just in time for the Cyprus autumn. It's my third knitted linen item. Besides this top I recently made two farmers market bags. I've also sewn a few simple items out of linen fabric before, such as bath towels, a inner bag etc.

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