Thursday, July 19, 2012

incessant meditative diligence

Oh, the pace of life in a vivid mountain village in Cyprus. Everybody is busy with two or more businesses. Only perhaps on a Sunday will people take some time off their duties.

We spent one afternoon with a lovely cousin and his wife. In the shadow on his grape veranda, at a restaurant with a spectacular mountain view and at my aunt's place. While enjoying a lovely meze at the restaurant my cousin told me about a really ill uncle in Australia. (Few days later he sadly passed away. It's two uncles in one year.)
These recent incidents somehow worries me when it comes to my aunt as she quite recently suffered a thrombosis. She's better now, and I still find her busy with her hands always occupied with something. Mostly refining nature's goods, which she's growing, collecting, sorting, cleaning, picking over, peeling etc. This afternoon in a meditative motion in silence together with her husband.

I think their diligence was rubbing off on the big kids. While the smallest was asleep the others grabbed a big bowl of black eyed beans and started peeling. They sat like that for a long time, until Leo switched his attention to the plants at my aunt's veranda. Or, more precisely to the insects on the plants. He was particularly thrilled by a green geometer to whom he found a home, in a lupinus flower.
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Lilli said...

I've spent this unexpected sunny day, removing paint from an old cupboard. In between, I've been reading your blog; an ocean of ideas, inspiration and good thoughts. It's been such a pleasure.

Elena said...

Thank you dear Lilli for your positive words. I hope you will come back again. Happy to have found your blog, such beautiful pictures and thoughtful words. All the best with your house hunting. /Elena