Tuesday, July 31, 2012

another farmers market bag

Figs. Managed to bring these home, compared with my failed attempt last time at the market. Even Leo likes them nowadays. I made another linen market bag, this time in a thinner yarn and using a simpler pattern. It expands a lot length wise, and can be used as yoga mat bag as well [more project details here].
Untitled Untitled
Perfect summer necklace (scroll down to see the wantworthy seasalt beach ocean frosty glass beads necklace.) by JennReeseSEVEN at etsy.


coco said...

i have some zucchini recipe posted whenever you like to stop by.
thanks for visiting my little space.

Elena said...

Those recipes sounds delicious. Will definitely try to make them. Thanks for coming over to my space and letting me know. Even if I am a regular follower of your wonderful space already.

All the best,