Wednesday, February 22, 2012

some cypriot handicrafting

Knitted fabric is slowly growing while my thoughts are wandering planlessly. I'm knitting on another cardi.

This is the process with my two year old: Any minute when Eddie is calling for my attention I lay down my yarn blob, resuming knitting, and the planlessly wandering thoughts, as soon as his mind is again focused on something.

On my mind lately I've had crafting with a local twist. I went to the Municipal Folk Art Museum in Limassol for some inspiration. I saw pompoms, bobbles, embroidery, lace. Graphical and colourful. Silk, lace and cotton. A lot of vests and table cloths seems to have survived the 20th century.

Oh, and the museum floor. I really like those old Cypriot floors.
Made Leo a vest before new year. It's a Pebble, with some modifications. I sized up using larger needles. It's a cosy little chest warmer. Actually I think big sister likes the vest more than him. I used leftover yarn from husbands cobblestone. In the background is a IKEA Hemnes cupboard, for my craft materials.

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