Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Up to no good (ok, not me)

Outside Limassol District Administration Office we found this beautiful memorial which was installed in honour of the 13 Cypriots who lost their lives in the huge blast at Evangelos Florakis Naval Base. Just a few days after the so unnecessary accident that also destroyed 60 % of Cyprus energy supply.
We are affected by the incident, but not worse than can be managed. To avoid getting stuck in the elevator during the approx two daily electricity cuts á 2.5 hours we're carrying the baby trolley as well as the grocery goods up the stairs. And we can't have a frappé whenever we want, but that's about it. What's perhaps worse is the lack of trust in the current regime that we experience among people here unfortunately.

While dwelling in the no good:s subject; farewell to you Amy Winehouse, it was way too soon.
And, wishing you Norway a healthy recovery after the terrorist actions outside Oslo.
Phew, that was a bunch of heavy topics.

Now I'm off for an ice cold drink on the balcony in the warm evening breeze. See ya!

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