Friday, August 05, 2011

Limassol by night

Some evenings it's just nice enjoying sun set strolling along the promenade in Limassol city center. The smell of grilled corncobs spreading in the air evokes childhood memories, from my early summers spent in Cyprus.

Like the sweet fried honey and rosewater scented loukomades, which are best enjoyed hot from one big plate in good company. A popular evening pastime for a rich mix of people, mostly Cypriots of course, while not so many tourists it seems.
Many children are brought by their parents for an evening dip in the sea before bedtime. As the darkness falls it is great to look at the huge boats with hundreds of lamps lit anchored a bit out in the Mediterranean horizon.

It is nice sipping a cold drink at one of the over popular beach bars. But the best thing about the promenade really is just walking, walking and walking. Which I can't get enough of in this car bound city.
  • Over the last months really good friends, always ready to bring clarity in an otherwise bitwise confusing situation, has proven to be the overly awesome google translate and google earth.
  • Kinda inspired by this wall hanging sort of digital style.
  • And this wall clock would be great simply as a clock. Please put in production asap.

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