Friday, April 28, 2006

Maybe another Flower basket shawl

Today I went to see my midwife at the Mother Healt Center, at Serafen next to Stadshuset, for the last time. As in my case, in Sweden this midwife is typically not the same midwife that's actually going to assist the mother in giving birth. We did the normal routine examinations and everything looked normal, but she could establish that the baby is much bigger than my daughter was. She believes he's a 4 kg heavy baby. Anthea only weighed 3.1 kg. As I'm seven days overtime she also booked an appointment at Karolinska Hospital in Solna for a "forced delivery" on the 6th of May in case I won't get started naturally.

After a Moussaka lunch at a nearby coffe place we took the city bus to Stickbutiken at S:t Eriksplan and did some serious alpaca yarn purchase as I'll be needing some knitting projects in case the waiting gets too unbearable... I came out from the shop with some balls in colour 6306 (Petroleum Blue) for a baby cardi, possibly this or this, or this baby overall. Also some balls in 2920 ("Cyklamen", don't know it in English) and 0302 (Beige) for possible new shawl projects, maybe another Flower Basket Shawl.

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