Sunday, April 30, 2006

More names

I'm boored of waiting, because the baby seems to have no intention of showing up - not what I've sensed anyhow. My only functioning distraction is the second, in short time, Flower Basket Shawl that I started on yesterday. It's also in Garnstudio's alpaca as well as within the lila-plum scale, but this time in the much brigther colour 2920. Today I've come to the middle of the third repeat and it's still slow therapeutic knitting. But, I'm a bit faster than with the first FBS as I don't have to count stitches any longer.

More names to list of names for the baby-to-come: Edward, which means watchman and wealth, or Edwin, which means friend and wealth. These are more my husbands favourites though. I also have favourite names that my husband isn't too fond of such as Georg, which means farmer.

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