Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Small progresses

Here's where I've reached with my Flower Basket Shawl, soon finished with the third repeat (out of seven). It's slow therapeutic knitting!! I'm making sure I follow the pattern correctly through counting stitches every even row. I'm tending to miss YO:s in this pattern but I'm getting better at it! What I've accompolished so far looks beautiful already which makes me inspired to get going every possible minute I get. Though not when Anthea's around as my capacity to do many things simultaneously is limited and this project demands concentration...

Favourite aunt Anna, or "Nanna" as she's called by Anthea, came to see Anthea yesterday and they played together the whole afternoon. Here they are surfing google for various pictures of animals that Anthea loves to see. Here she expresses that she wants to see butterflies. She's so pretty when she scratches her head like this to illustrate butterflies, they haven't got any "name" yet. Other favourite animals are penguins (g g), especielly Pingu, dogs (vo vo), cats (mjau or ka) and birds (pi pi).

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