Friday, March 03, 2006

A Linen Shawl, perhaps

When browsing through my list of "Other Knit Bloggers" I came across a super chich cardigan designed by the author of the blog My Fashionable Life. Not sure if I ever dare to go for this project, it seems a bit advanced for me but I would happily wear it if I had it in my possession!

Just gorgeous cardi fantastically designed!

I've come over a pattern of the extremely popular Flower Basket Shawl and have thus finally determined to create one for myself this summer. It will either be in wool/mohair/.. or in pure linnen. Linnen would be a bit more heavy but oh so beautiful and perfect to wear with my summer dresses! A woolish type of yarn would probably be as beautiful AND much more light weight BUT, not as useful during warm summer days. I cannot bear the itchy feeling of wool-materials against naked skin, especially during a warm summer day. So, linnen would perhaps be a more interesting choice for this summer. Also I have only wool shawls in my wardrobe at present. Yll & Tyll's tunt linne is a not too expensive linnen yarn and is made in various colours of which I would probably go for "ljus plommonlila", it means something like light plum-lilac.

Perhaps The Shawl for my summer dresses ...

... made in "ljus plommonlila" linnen!

Yesterday my sweet daughter Anthea, husband and I went to Odenplan in Stockholm for some shopping and "fika" at Coffehouse by George. Anthea had a "kanelbulle" which she succeeded to eat almost all of.

Nam, nam ...

The coffehouse is by the way next door with the knitting shop Ljungqvist Garn but we didn't even go for window shopping this day. I guess there's no point in shopping yarn when The Syndrome is awaiting around the corner, see more about this in the previous post.


AnnaA said...

Mumsig bulle!! :)
Det var en snygg kofta, skulle också gärna göra den... när allt det andra planerade och funderade är klart. ;)

AnnaA said...

Ja, det är ingen idé med bokrean längre... Och jag brukar kolla mellan bokus och Adlibris och det har hittills alltid varit billigare för mig på Adlibris. Litet tips bara.
Själv läste jag på som sjutton innan förlossningen och andning hjälpte verkligen mig massor! Plus en härlig TNS och lite lustgas. ;) Tjosan vad bra det gick! Och det sägs att det ska gå ännu lättare vid nästa unge...Jaja, man får väl vänta och se. :)
Lycka till!

Lindansaren said...

Actually a fab cardi and a very cute Andrea :-)