Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I'm in a total knitting coma. I haven't touched a knitting project since this summer. And yet knitting has been on everyones lips this autumn/winter. I just feel aversion towards this whole handicraft. My husband sometimes asks me carefully how I'm doing with my knitting projects and says that I seemed so happy when I was involved in them. Where is my knitting joy?

I think that there is some correlation with the fact that I got pregnant this summer. Since then, when I've seen yarn or needles I've had to turn my face quickly in another direction. Thinkting about knitting has been completely impossible as it has made me feel sick. Can it be some kind of anti-craving?

However, now it starts to get a bit better. I've been browsing the net for knitting designs so the inspiration is slowly returning. BUT ... it's too late for me to start knitting before the baby arrives! The last two months of my last pregnancy I had something called
karpaltunnelsyndrom, which affects a few pregnant women. Don't know the name in english. Symptom is that some of the fingers of the hands goes numb. The more the hands are used for repeated motions the more serious the problem gets. Sometimes even a surgical operations is necessary. After delivery the symptoms slowly vanishes. But for a long time the hands are weak and it's scary to carry a baby with this little strength. So, I do not want to evoke this syndrom again and have to wait with all kinds of knitting projects.

In the latest
Spring 2006 issue of Interweave Knits I found a cool caftan pullover that I could think of knitting.

Perfect when breast feeding! I'd like one in green or plum perhaps.

I also found these sweet socks that I could have good use of when slipping into some high heels this summer. I've been using really comfortable shoes for ages when playing with my daugther and now during my pregnancy.

Aren't they cozy - with the right shoes though!

Knitty Winter 2005 has these gourgeous jeans for babies that I could think of knitting. I have loads of Rowan Denim yarn in dark blue from old abandoned and unfinished projects.

A unisex baby project for my dautgher and son to come!

Another highly interesting knitting project is this fabulous summer jacket for our not always so warm summers up here in the nordic country of Sweden. The recommendation is cashmere yarn but I would probably go for Drops Alpaca in colours 7300 or 3720.

Elegaaaance ... but in green or plum!


Hanna said...

I agree with you, beautiful projects both the jeans and the socks! Wish I could knit socks like that. Sorry about you not beeing able to knit, but I guess a baby in the end will be a great treat for waiting some huh? :-)

take care of you

Elena said...

Hadn't it been for the baby to come my life would be so miserable now! BUT, I know that my physical pains and immobility will go away as soon as the litte miracle arrives!!