Saturday, February 07, 2015

walking, snacking and discovering small things

A city promenade to everyone's liking involves a snack break. If it can be topped with a lunch at KFC by the Marina, with a sea view, it can give a long good after taste. Not that the kids will be relaxed and well-behaving well home the rest of the evening, as a gesture of gratitude. But with rosy cheeks there will be spontaneous sweet comments, such as "what a great day we had", "thank you mama for treating us with KFC", along the evening. That, and the stretching of our legs and getting to enjoy the small things we discover as we walk is what we treasure a lot.
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Walking from the Marina we discovered that the extended wooden walks along the Molos sea promenade are one by one made open to the public. On our way home, after a coffe and some croissants at the new La Croissanterie at Anexartisias Street, we passed that Opera Travel copper plate sign that I just love. I don't think the business is located there any more, but I hope they will save that sign.

Can you just not like those old doors with bright paint fading, so typical for south Europe. A fig tree by one of those charming door step's definitely made me smile. Did you know that the somehow recently renovated water tower in Limassol was the source of water for all Limassolians from when it was built 1930s until it was closed 1947, as underground water supply system was set up. It has a historical value for many Cypriots as it's one of few monuments of mechanics in Cyprus.

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