Sunday, September 21, 2014

pumpkin season

These two stars of mine where spotted on the Pick-your-own-pumpkin event arranged by lovely Mary Angelberger, through her Mary's Dinnerclub Limassol. If you haven't been to any of her events yet, and happen to be in Limassol, check our her cool upcoming events.

Well home we had a whole crew of pumpkins eager to be turned into something eatable. We started with the smallest the same afternoon. Half the pumpkin was sliced and roasted in the oven - just like that only with some olive oil, salt and pepper - and it was all finished even before dinner. From the other half we made a classical American pumpkin pie. First time we tried it. Served warm and with whipped cream, it was also quite popular.

Now three more pumpkins to go. Thinking of a savoury version pie and more oven roasted pumpkins, this time with an accent note, perhaps sumac, thyme, or ..? If you have any favourite pumpkin recipes, please share.
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