Monday, February 17, 2014

just interesting

Sometimes I'm fascinated by a yarn or a pattern just for the sake of it. Like this drop stitch pattern, made up by dropped stitches and plenty of triple yarn overs producing an interesting square pattern. A beautiful variegated Noro yarn is just interesting enough with this otherwise dull knitting pattern. Honestly it wasn't all enjoyful knitting. Also still trying to convince my husband that it's a really cool mens scarf in it's beige-greyness.
Untitled Untitled
Now that it's off my hands [read more about the project on Ravelry], I can finally start planning that hand knit pullover - I'm thinking one of these awesome patterns a | b | c - for my smallest.


Anna said...

Wow, great work!
Really interesting and also beautiful.

I would put my vote on a, need to put that in my list aswell.

Elena said...

Thanks Anna. The lacy result is indeed beautiful, while the knitting was nothing like knitting lace. Maybe it was the massive triple yarn over rows or that the yarn was bit rough on the hands. Still I think I will use this pattern again.

The pullover a is my favourite too. I'm just going through my yarn stash to see if I have a good match.