Saturday, January 25, 2014

bit of this and that

Someone turned four and had Swedish pancake cake, as he had wished for. Like in the awesome story of Pancakes for Findus by the eminent Swedish childbook writer Sven Nordquist. Those sweet moments. The day before I had intensly embraced the fact it was his last day as three. Normally I don't dwell particularly in the past. The present is where I find myself mostly. Or maybe pondering the future. But with kids and time there's something just so inevitable. The time can't be stopped. Life and kids are constantly and mindlessly transforming into something new.
The other day I pulled out a cardigan from the closet that I had been knitting on about 6-7 years ago. Realized it was finished and fit perfectly. Think I was annoyed with the arms and had wanted to re-knit them. Glad about this new fellow in my cardigan stack. [Read more about this knitting project at ravelry.]
We have a rainy week ahead, good for the dams, and orchids that will be in bloom anytime now. I'm itching to go and admire them. In the meantime I enjoy some memories from earlier this month, such as a clamfull Ladies Miles beach. It's still half a year until we can hand trawl fresh ones there. Here is how we prepare an easy clam dish, as in an earlier blog post:
Easy Vongole
Prepare spaghetti.
Chop finely a small onion and frizzle in olive oil.
Chop finely or press a clove of garlic, add it in the pan.
Let it all frizzle until golden
Add a splash of white wine and a splash of water, half half, and bring to boil.
Season with salt, white pepper and optionally cayenne.
Add the clams and let boil for 1-2 minutes.
Taste and add more salt if necessary.
Stir in everything, clams and clam broth, to the spaghetti.

[Important note: Always throw clams that are open before cooking and those that don't open after cooking.]

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