Thursday, August 08, 2013

a long day hiking and beaching

Did this years first hiking on Troodos mountains. We walked through thick black pine forest. Had picked the easy level Persephoni trail. Since it's a 3 km linear trail we walked about half and turned, just enough for a three and a half year old. The air was significantly fresher and at least 5 degrees chillier than Limassol's 35 C.
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About half way big girl had a mood dip, everyone else where just fine. We rounded up the day by going for a swim with her best school pal and her folks at Lady's Mile. Had some kalamari for snacks. Stayed until after dark, yet no mosquitoes. All in all a pretty good day for everyone. Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled


millroll said...

Wow! I like the pictures very much. And nice to see "someone I know" again. ;-)

Elena said...

Hi Camilla! Glad you like the pictures. The forests in Troodos reminds bit about the forests in Sweden actually. Minus blueberries and plus more slopy terrain. This winter I look forward to trying mushroom picking.

Clare Mansell said...

We used to love escaping to the Troodos when we lived in Episkopi. It was a great motivator that the higher you got, the cooler the air got!

Elena said...

Definitely fantastic escape when it's so hot that even the sea can't cool us down in the mid day hours.