Sunday, June 30, 2013

summer time

Went to catch the sun drop into the sea on west Akrotiri with kids grandpa. Kids played in their favourite natural pool sheltered by beachrock while grandpa went strolling for beach finds.

How do you enjoy summer best?
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Maybush Studio (Clare) said...

Really interesting to rediscover your blog this morning (which I think has been bookmarked in bloglovin since you were in Sweden) we spent two years living in Episkopi (09-11) and recognise many of the places in your pictures. I look forward to seeng more!

Elena said...

Now since Google reader is no more, I should get myself reorganized with a new reader.

I remember following your Cyprus blog and then followed to the (was it) Scotland blog? Can't find it anymore though.

The beaches around here are truly amazing. Our second living room! Will definitely keep posting. Glad if you enjoy!