Monday, October 08, 2012

a larnaca city church and a wedding with many priests

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In the heart of Larnaca in an old beautiful stone church we attended this city wedding. While in a mountain village wedding it is the village "papa" ministering and the whole village attending, a city wedding naturally has some limitations in terms of facility. Hence it was quite crowded this day when the Bishop of Larnaca entouraged by many priests where ministering the ceremony.

The Bishop was wearing a colourful embroidered dress and carrying a golden croiser. It was interesting observing the structure among the priests. While the ceremony was on going, outside where lots of more priests busy talking with each other or carrying black attaché cases. Some where dressed all in black. The bishop blessed the couple and left with a chauffeur in a luxury car parked on the church yard with a custom license plate that had an ornamented religious symbol.

After the ceremony the couple entered the church yard while white gas balloons where released and quickly disappeared up in the sky. A symbol of fertility maybe? However, truly beautiful.

This Sunday we didn't have time to sight-see the Larnaca town center, but we really liked the charming atmosphere and agreed we would return some day soon.

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