Tuesday, September 11, 2012

an afternoon in old Nicosia, liking more and more those old Cypriot floor tiles

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We had some errands in Nicosia last week, on the kids last days of summer holiday. This evening we would also see some old friends from Sweden, currently living in Nicosia. The afternoon however begun chasing our smallest one up and down the main street Ledra, in the old town.

The bigger kids where so easy in comparison. While at a café they soon sunk into reading books/comic papers they'd brought, in the cooler shadows of this hot September afternoon. Even the little one was quite for some moments, busy fiddling with my camera (picture above of me).

Near the end of Ledra in a house with beautiful balconies the shops beneath had kept their old floor tiles. We stopped admiring and ended up chit chatting with one of the shop owners. He generously explained about restorations of old Cypriot houses and how the government is supporting that. Of this reason you can find old type of floor tiles at some builders merchants. I'd love to have old style tiles in our living room one day. Even if it would probably look somehow weird in a 1990s house.

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