Monday, May 28, 2012

why being out for drinks with kids can be worth it

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When we're not meeting up with people or going to the beach we prefer making long spontaneous promenades. Carrying sunhats, and a bag stuffed with some snacks and a huge bottle of water we normally manage to keep everyone in a sufficiently good mood.

As long as we are on the move things are kind of smooth. Occasionally however we dare to sit down at some outdoor café, even if we know that the famous ants in the pants will be there in no time. But at least as long as the drinks and ice creams are being indulged there's a little time to relax.

Good thing the place we visited this time wasn't particularly crowded this evening. It was in fact quite charming to watch the wild kids in action, knowing someone else would have to clean their possible messes. Ha ha, like if I could ever relax when they are going nuts. But anyways. Actually we managed to calm down the ants even longer this evening with a backgammon board.

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