Monday, May 28, 2012

a knitted skirt can be a famiy affair

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I'm quite fascinated that I've knitted such fab skirt in fact. It is possibly The perfect beach skirt.

The kids wanted to contribute, when shooting some pics of the finished knitting project for the blog.
Aren't they cute? (Uh, I desperately need a hair cut, hair looks crap.)

Leo, who was playing some Nintendo games at the time, seemed sincerely sad he missed out on the photo session. But he came with some valuable input how to use the skirt instead.

He: Mama, don't use it on the beach.
Me: why, I won't be swimming in it or something.
He: You can use it as your home skirt. Or, [bit fumblingly] you could use it when you leave us for school. It's not good if it gets dirty.

Ahh, I think that was just the best review ever. For more project details see here.


opportunityknits said...

You look fabulous in your new knit skirt. Love the colours you have chosen. Cute kids make it an extra special photo shoot :)

Elena said...

Thank you so much! Ah, the combination of colours are truly awesome. Was love at first sight when discovering the dress @Garnstudio.