Saturday, March 24, 2012

morning at the local farmers market

First Eddie renamed himself Effie, and today he changed mama's name to Maffie. Effie and Maffie, that sounds like a waterproof team don't you think?

Today is the first day this year when it's warmer ourdoors than indoors. It's true Cyprus weather, and I remember why we moved here in the first place. In the morning we went to the local farmers market for some potatoes, Cypriot bananas and halloumi.

We had some coffe in the café area but when leaving we where stopped by this strange old man who asked us to sit by his table for a coffe. He introduced himself as mayor of Limassol and Paphos and let us know how important he is. Even his three sons's godfathers where all expresidents of Cyprus.

He gave us fruits and flaounas and wanted to know all about us and assured he could help us with any matters we would encounter. And he wanted to invite us for a lunch. Well, there's nothing like a free lunch. And I think we will skip this one. How was your day?

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