Sunday, January 29, 2012


Some old premises at Limassol old town
Love this petite roundabout.
Awesomely renovated stone house, today a club.
Street art in Limassol old town.
Renovation project someone?
Chilin in the old carob mill premises.
Who marked husbands shoes?
Limassol old town is fascinating me. Lots of quirky old houses, some in really bad shape yet charming. Cypriots don't seem to be in a hurry restoring their old buildings, but it's made with great love once done. Municipality is driving renovations in the area, why several streets are really messy. But it's getting really posh where ready. At the renovated old carob mills we had some cakes assumingly sweetened with carob syrup. And papa noticed someone had marked his shoe with "papa". Just like he marks the kids clothes and shoes. Could it be Leo?

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Camilla said...

Fina bilder från den gamla staden! Hälsa! =)

Elena said...

Tack Camilla. Anthea och vi andra i familjen hälsar så mycket tillbaka!