Thursday, November 03, 2011

A special wedding

There're two things about Cypriot weddings. They're a great opportunity to meet with family and friends. And they're typically soaked in tradition, still so highly valued by the young.

Actually there's a third thing. They're highly popular. A wedding in the mountain village Agros probably averages two thousand guests as the whole village is invited. Besides relatives across the island, those abroad don't hesitate long distances for a wedding.
bride descending
This day my cousin son M and his P where the highlight of the village. And since this was the first wedding ever in Cyprus for me I was particularly mesmerised by the procedure.

We joined at my cousins home where the bridegroom was being dressed up by his closest family and friends. This ceremony was accompanied by live music and good food. It was crowded and cheerful. Same thing was happening with the bride on the other side of the village, I was told.
When it was time for the church bells to ring, me and husband hurried to catch a parking lot outside the church. To find the church empty. Apart from a flower decorator who assured it was the right church. For someone like me who grew up in Sweden this was quite a hillarious moment.

Half hour later the processions with musicians at the front started in the direction towards the church. One with the bridegroom and one with the bride, followed by all the closest folks. So beautifully.
Besides the beautiful church wedding the festivties included many familiar faces, interesting talks with dear close ones as well as more distant, and an abundance of local food. I found out later that I took my last photo of my dear uncle Jannos this day. Sadly he passed away just one week later, after many years of suffering. Always dear in my memory.
Uncle Jannos
Sfgirlbybay goes yellow accents, again. Previously here. Makes me smile.


michele said...

these are beautiful wedding photographs!

they remind me of village weddings i attended as a child. such a lovely event.

i'm sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle.

Elena said...

Thank you so much Michele!