Friday, November 04, 2011

the seasons

When I found fresh potatoes at the local supermarket I was reminded how cool it is that many vegetables and fruits have a second season on Cyprus. Some people say the mild winters here are rather like spring elsewhere and the extremely hot summers more like winter.

On our weekend menu I prefer other root-vegetables though. I'm especially fond of them oven roasted in herbs and garlic and with a glass of red. How do you prefer yours?
fresh potatoes
If you're into growing organic vegetables on Cyprus you might find this site interesting.


quigley said...

love all the stones on the beach - blogging from australia - lots of sand here - but the smoothness of the stones amongst the sea water is so beautiful

Elena said...

And it's so lovely walking barefoot on the beach stones in the summer admiring their colours and shapes, even if it can be bit painful for the foot soles at first.