Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sand and Popcorn trees.

This morning everything outdoors, including our black car, was covered with sand coming with the winds from the Sahara desert. This isn't in any way rare in the mediterranian region, and makes you aware of the closeness to the African continent. The dust can actually still be felt in the air this afternoon.

While still carless we've explored nearby areas by foot, which is an adventure in itself with kids. We've tried out a few souvlaki places, found a little park which sadly was covered with broken glass and trash, chatted in English with locals, tried out local groceries which is one of the first thing I like to do when in a new place and of course admired the fascinating nature here.
One day on our way to the park, to the kids amusement, we discovered a popcorn tree and in the park a miniature cactus growing out from the pavement. But otherwhise the kids are quite bored by now. We still have so much to arrange with before we can feel settled here, but for sure one of the first thing now when we have a car is to go to the beach. And, put the kids as well as myself into some greek training.

Busy with all the arranging, there hasn't been much handcrafted here. But I'm so grateful for all the inspiration I get from reading the many blogs I feed on.

The other day I was amazed by the thought of an idea transformed into various forms, using different techniques and materials. Like these flowers à la Tiny Happy Melissa; on aquarells : now on fabric. Or the typical cubistic figures or patterns by Karen Barbé; sketched : now cross stitched. Oh, and have you seen this sweet bunny by Laura Twiss; as a sketch : an application : a softie. Just great.
Complex geometries via Assemblage.
Quince recipes: Paste, Marmalade, Jam, Biscuit Pie.


AnnaA said...

Wow, vilket stort livssteg! Modigt av er. Hoppas det blir precis som ni vill... Lycka till er! :)

Elena said...

Tack tack Anna. Jo, det är ett litet steg vi tar ;) Och trots att vi än så länge är lite emellan vardagen i Sverige och vardagen på Cypern känns det som att det kommer bli riktigt bra det här. All lycka till er med ert nyahusfixande och allt annat.