Saturday, July 17, 2010

Drop dead gorgeous shoes

Sjukt läckra läckra pjucks på Knulp. Efter lite prutande, har jag ett par i den här modellen!

Crazy cool shoes at Knulp. After some bargaining, I have a pair of this model!


scabbyrobot said...

these are amazing! love those booties in the background... what brand is this?

Elena said...

All the gorgeous shoes in the picture, including the ones in the background, are of the dutch brand Trippen. I had never heard about it before:

The model I purchased is Choral, and the similar one with a strap is Edel. The material is what they call waw - a "vegetable-tanned calf leather that is dyed through and treated with wax finish".

Vifslan said...

I love Knulp too. Still haven't treated myself to anything from them, though. Perhaps this fall!

Elena said...

Only shoeshop I really need. Knulp truly has the best collection of comfortable shoes in Stockholm area.