Tuesday, May 16, 2006


After a complicated delivery our five kg baby boy was born on the 7th of May at Karolinska Sjukhus in Solna!! At first his condition seemed so serious he was taken into the intensive neonatal division, which is among the top best neonatal divisions in the whole world! Here he had to stay for two days while he was thoroughly examined. Their safety margins are really high so we could be really safe they wouldn't miss anything serious.

The examinations indicated that his condition wasn't so serious after all and the following three days he was under surveillance at the family neonatal division where me and my husband where offered to stay together with him in a really fancy modern two bed room. We where then sent home but will be giving him some medicin for a few weeks before the finishing check-up. The doctors're really satisfied with his condition and the nurses talks about a "sunshine story"!

However, we are so glad to be home with our "little" lionlike boy. He's red haired, has really strong arms and an impressive chest and at the same time the calmest and softest face. We're seriously thinking of naming him Leo!


AnnaA said...

Oooh, GRATTIS så jättemycket!!! Skönt att det gick bra trots knasig början. Bra att de kollar noga iaf!
Hoppas ni har det bra tillsammans nu! Stoooorkram till lille "Leo"! :)

Hanna said...

Congrats to the wee one, how wonderfull that you are all at home now happy and well I hope. Leo is a cute name!