Saturday, March 11, 2006

No more TV

- TV and DVD is a fantastic babysitter sometimes when we need some time and space for ourselves.
- We're aware about the warnings from psychologists about small children watching TV but we believe it's better with a happy parent than with an exhausted.

Most of the people around us who have small children use TV as a temporary babysitter. Doing so seems to be the most natural thing in the world for many worn-out parents, and we are not an exception. Lately I've observed some alarming tendencies though from my daugthers side which has to do with her Teletubbies and Pingu watching habits. Nowadays I find her wining about Pingu in front of the TV every time she feels a bit bored. Also I think she finds some strange kind of comfort from her TV-watching. When she's sad of some reason her first impulse is often to run to the TV, as if it could give her some happines. Besides this I'm sure she gets stressed up by this passive activity when she instead could be playing around or just chilling-out!

We've decided to do something concrete about this problem. We'll now get rid of our TV! Both me and my husband are used to not having TV for longer periods in our lives, so it is not a hard decision for us. Of course as a small childrens parent it is perfect with all kinds of home entertainment. But really, there are so many other creative things we'd prefer doing anyhow. And most of all, we'll feel much more confident that we are trying our best in giving our daughter the best possible upbringing!

ALSO, as a bonus we will get a much nicer spacier living room!

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