Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Airy livingroom

Our TV has now been removed from our home and we've been rewarded with a more spacious and relaxing living room! This is the corner where the monstruous energy sucking machine (thank heaven there are flat screens nowadays) was piled up on an ungainly and ugly TV-furniture! Now it has instead become a light and airy one!

Anthea hasn't even noticed it's gone, instead she's become a much more relaxed and present little person. I think we understand her better now and what this TV thing was all about. She's recently developed into a much more social person who needs to be around other kids. As she's still home with her father who's on paternity leave we now need to think of more ways of giving her the opportunity to come together with kids her age.

Have I been able to leave my hands from knitting? Almost yes! Yesterday I couldn't resist making this really, really small project (promise!) though. And I don't think it made any greater harm to my hands. But yes I know, I must be careful not to provoke the stupid "karpaltunnelsyndrom" to reappear during this pregnancy. However, I made a hand puppet dog, size toddler ++, for my daughter. It was really quick and easy to make.

This weekend we had a few + degrees Celcius in Stockholm. Still it's icy and really cold outdoors and since my daughter is too small to enjoy playing on an icy ground our activities must still mostly be focused on things you can do indoors.

Yesterday when my mom was over to play with Anthea she brought some tulips. I think I've developed a crawing for them this spring. Not ever have I needed to be reminded of the coming spring as much as this year. And tulips really help me keep up the hope!!

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