Thursday, August 11, 2005

Back to inspiration

Back from vacation in Greece; Athens and the cycladic islands Amorgos and Mykonos.

First two weeks where great but the third week we had to spend in a child hospital in Athens due to a minor disaster at a café in Mykonos town. The waitress who I'd asked for some hot water in order to make cream to my daugther put the cup with the hot water just in front of my daugther and so the accident was evident... five nights sleeping on hospital visitor chairs and spraying my daughters wounds every three hours made me want to sleep the first week back from vacation.

Now I'm starting to get back my knitting inspiration. This week I've been to the Rowan Yarn shop Wincent Garner in Norrtull in Stockholm. I bought yarn for the baby sweater pattern Trellis which will be for my daughter.

Sweet daughter curious about my whereabouts...

I also bargained some Rowan Cotton Wool yarn for her.

Not sure though what I'll do with it.

Zooming in the Beauties!

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